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fitbit ultra Wireless Activity Tracker - Plum

fitbit ultra Wireless Activity Tracker - Plum

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Still containing all the popular features of Classic, the new Ultra is chock full of more measures to track your fitness, and new features to keep you motivated throughout your day.

  • Core features: tracks steps, tracks distance, tracks sleep, counts calories burned, automatic wireless uploads
  • New features: tracks floors climbed, new color options, clock, stopwatch, control the device displays, personal greeting

Fitbit makes every step you take a step toward better fitness, even on your busiest days. Fitbit Ultra's super sensitive 3-D motion sensor tracks your day down to details a pedometer can't catch, showing your exact steps taken, calories burned, and distance traveled. The new altimeter tracks floors climbed (new) so you can monitor this heart-healthy activity, encouraging you to take the stairs at home or work, or climb a little further on your next hike.


Fitbit is the simplest way to improve your fitness during your busy life, whether you are looking to lose weight, extend your fitness program beyond the club, or just get more active. Fitbit helps you become more aware of your daily activity and encourages you to do more.  Users report that they walk 43% further every day! 


The Fitbit Activity Tracker can be worn all day to measure steps, distance, calories burned, and even sleep.  Uploads data wirelessly to the free website, where you can stay motivated by viewing graphs, competing with friends, and tracking food and weight.  So, take your fitness program to the next level with Fitbit - smarter fitness, made simple.

  • Accurately tracks full day's steps, distance and calories burned via 3-D motion sensor
  • Even lets you track how long and how well you sleep!
  • Compact and low-profile enough to wear all day in your pocket, on waist or bra
  • Wirelessly uploads data so you can see graphs, set goals, and measure progress
  • Stay motivated by creating fitness groups for support or friendly competition
  • Log nutrition, other activities, weight and more on
  • Includes free access to   No monthly fee.
  • Now you can even sync data with popular apps like LoseIt!, RunKeeper, and MapMyFitness.
  • Free iPhone and Android Apps ables you to log workouts, food, water, and weight. Plus, check your stats while you're on the go!

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  • Rechargeable battery. Lasts 5-7 days between charges.
  • Extended memory capacity. Tracker keeps minute-by-minute activity data for 7 days and daily totals for 30 days.
  • Water resistant.


  • Wireless Activity Tracker
  • Base station, plugs into the USB port on your computer
  • Sleep wristband
  • Belt holster
  • Free access to

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